Interactive Magazine CoverInteractive Magazine Cover Interactive Magazine CoverInteractive Magazine Cover
What: Interactive magazine cover
When: 2010
Who: a secret club for AGI

AGI is a specialist magazine for the printing and design trade in Scandinavia and they are keen to use their magazine covers to showcase materials, methods, techniques and finishes, so when we designed an interactive cover for them, it was no holds barred, all systems go and there was no way this would be subtle, minimalist or Danish Design.

As a member of a secret club I had written an article on playful communication for the same issue and felt that the cover could be used to prove my point, so we looked back to the Make Medals - Fake Medals project and decided to design a reward for whoever was willing to play: In its normal state, the cover says "LEG" which means "PLAY" and if the reader does that, she will end up with a medal where the imperative PLAY is covered and the words "For Playing" appear. I should mention that there are no sexual connotations in the Danish text...

We made an effort not to give the final design away, designing the cover in a way that obscures the individual parts: The design for hanging tail bit of the rosette was on the inside of the cover, there were no instructions other that the ones printed on the actual parts, we wanted the medal to appear in front of the reader, to somewhat surprise them. You knew you were going to get something, but you didn't know what. To furher throw people off, we added decoration and themes that would vanish as you popped out the parts of the medal, on the front it was a folksy water splash (see the drops at the top?) And on the inside it was a space scene with stars and a rocket ship. None of these made any sense. Towards the end of the build, you can choose between different shiny centers that you pop in.

In the end, we didn't manage to use every technique and finish possible - we did manage to get die cut, embossed and hot foil stamped effects. I was tempted to get the old spot varnish out too, but I ran out of space.

Interactive Magazine CoverInteractive Magazine CoverInteractive Magazine Cover
Interactive Magazine CoverInteractive Magazine CoverInteractive Magazine Cover