Antlor - The Deer Departed
What: Paper kit, 4+0 colour/1+0colour, coated 160 g/m2 stock, edition: 2.000
When: 2005
Who: self initiated

In April 2005 the studio was registrered as a business and we realeased a series of do-it-yourself hunting trophies called 'Antlor - The Deer Departed'. Each Antlor is made up of two sheets of thick, nice quality A4 paper, you cut out the individual pieces, glue them together and voila, you got the glory of a hunting trophy, but without the mess of hiding in the woods, shooting animals and cutting their heads off.

Each Antlor kit comes with an additional blank version that contains just the outlines.

Antlor was designed and made at a time when I was interested in the designer toy scene and was meant as a response to the domination of vinyl toys - These were expensive to produce, paper kits weren't and through my years at a mediocre Danish advertising agency I had made enough packaging and sales displays to make these.

Since those days, paper kits have become and integral part of the scene.

This project is very much a case of thing coming full circle, my fonts are inspired by the LEGO and model kits of my childhood and now my type has inspired me to make model kits.

Buy Antlor kits here or download a free version here

Antlor - The Deer Departed Antlor - The Deer Departed Antlor - The Deer Departed