Money. You never really have enough of it and it can be hard to your paws on it, so for Art Whino's G40 show in 2010 we created this money-printing installation.
The project got stronger though a couple of obstacles; the shelf unit display came about because we were told that all the work had to be delivered, ready to hang - at that stage we would have prefered a plinth. When we where given a plinth, this unit had already been made.

All of this is not really important, the important thing is the acitivty that this station prompts...

Allow me take you through the process: Once you have decided that you need more money, you grab a blank-note from one of the wads. Then you pick up a stamp, load it with ink from the ink pad and gently but firmly stamp the blank-note.

You replace the stamp, turn the not around and repeat with the other stamp.

When you've made your money, you pay whatever you think is a fitting price by putting notes or coins into the slot in the money making unit.

Yes, we are completely aware that the money box will quickly fill with misprinted notes, gum wrappers and fluff. We are also aware that it will probably at some point be broken into, which fills us with joy as the culprits will be quite disappointed when all the get is said gum wrappers, bad money and fluff. Of course we hope that the unit will survive a few days before it gets trashed - the piece is obviously about money and what that concept does to us and makes us willing to do for it, so any theft from the money box just makes the message clearer.

The design of the note is losely based on the American one dollar bill, but there are no other references to the US than that - this piece is not a comment on the US, it is a comment on money and how we need it and want it. The format was chosen because

1) The show is in the US
2) Nothing reads better as the mother-image of money than the dollar
3) The design of the Dollar bill is crammed full of symbols

So our bill is full of symbols too, a few of them are:

The Hand
which doesn't mean stop in this case, it means "gimme".

Three Wells
Stupid, pointless greed - three wells next to each other in order to get more water.

Moebius Band
Infinity, it's never enough, hence also the "MORE" denomination.

Ussel Mammon
A Danish expression used to describe money driven motives - when someone does something for ussel mammon he or she does it for "nothing else than simply/lowly money." It's a brilliant, old expression from a language with relatively few words.

The unit is relatively small because this isn't about the big business banker's bonus greed - this is our personal love of money. For that reason the design also isn't tapping into bank-like design, but sticking with the visual language of money.

The original unit comes with about 200 blank-notes, will probably be replenished throughout the month long show.

An estimated 20,000 people will see the show, so like with real money - there's nowhere near enough to go around.

A wad of printed money. As a further greedy twist we'll be selling these in our online store soon, pre-stamped so you don't have to. Of course, this means you won't get the added bonus of...

...Inky fingers!

Yes, your greed or need of money will taint you.

We went for a less absorbant paper in order to get the ink to stay wet for a little bit causing it to smudge and stain.

If you want to own your own money making kit you now can. There are five obverse and five reverse More Money rubber stamps for sale in the shop