Sweaty Sightseeing Sweaty Sightseeing Sweaty Sightseeing
What: a series of 5K runs
When: 2007
Who: Århus Festuge

Sweaty Sightseeing developed for Århus Festuge and has since been repeated a couple of times. I thought up the concept in Berlin where I was out running - at one point I was running along the Spree and ran alongside a tour boat, I decided to race it and won. The concept was born and is beautifully simple: Combine sightseeing with running.

When we were asked to develop an event for Århus Festuge I made use of my knowledge and interest in the town's quirky street art scene and developed the first 5K route: Street decoration and vandalism and fleshed out the concept with two others: one with stories of the gateways to Hell that are dotted around Århus and a visual treasure hunt.

The festival had previously been criticised for being too lager-fueled and that year there was a couple of active initiatives so Sweaty Sightseeing struck a chord with the media and got a lot of press, resulting in fully booked runs every day.

The Sweaty Sightseeing treasure hunt was later repeated in Berlin and the run was invited back for the 2008 festival, where we added another run on signs and letterforms.

The 2007 version was as much a social experiment as it was playing in the streets - the event was free and after the run participants were treated to fresh fruit and juice at LYNfabrikken were I had my studio at that time. The point of this sipping juice and munching fruit was to see exactly how close people got by sharing a physical experience and how different the conversations were before and after the run.

This is definitely not the last running activity and it proved to be a prime example of (semi)collaborative play in sports.

watch this space.

Oh, and that last picture, that's a sashimono I constructed for the 2008 version, giving me more visibility.

Sweaty Sightseeing Sweaty Sightseeing Sweaty Sightseeing Sweaty Sightseeing Sweaty Sightseeing